Shah Rukh Khan skips Ambanis' events

Shah Rukh Khan skips Ambanis' events


Shah Rukh was missing from Sangeet function

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(Web Desk) - The Ambani family’s events are nothing short of spectacular, often drawing a star-studded lineup of guests from both Bollywood and the international entertainment industry.

The recent Sangeet function of the Ambani family was no exception, with a guest list that included the who’s who of the celebrity world.

From international pop sensation Justin Bieber to Bollywood megastar Salman Khan, the event was a glittering affair with performances that left the audience in awe.

However, one notable absence was that of Shah Rukh Khan, the King of Bollywood and a close family friend of the Ambanis.

Shah Rukh, who had attended and performed at the pre-wedding event in Jamnagar, was missing from the Sangeet function.

Reports suggest that while he could not make it to the Sangeet, he is expected to attend the wedding, which is scheduled to take place on July 12th in Mumbai.

A viral picture captured Shah Rukh Khan with his daughter, actress Suhana Khan, in New York City.

In the photo, SRK sported a casual look with his signature ponytail, a baseball cap, and a t-shirt, while Suhana donned a charming floral dress.

The father-daughter duo appeared busy, possibly waiting for their order, with Suhana involved in a phone call and Shah Rukh occupied with something else.

Just a few days prior, another picture of the actor playing cricket with Suhana in a park in London also made waves on social media.