Netizens react to clip showing girls beating up salesman at store

Netizens react to clip showing girls beating up salesman at store


They say he was unjustifiably assaulted

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(Web Desk) - With the viral of a CCTV footage showing three girls beating up a salesman for allegedly harassing them at a store of a filling station in Garden Town, the Internet gets abuzz with comments for the innocence of the salesman, who, the netizens say, was actually assaulted, as per the footage.

One user questioned: ‘Is hitting someone okay only when women do it. Why are these women misusing their gender?’

Another said: ‘The salesman’s fault was that he has no influential relatives.’

One asked: “Where are the feminists now?”

Another wrote: “Because of girls like them, the real harassment cases get buried.”

Following the incident, a case of harassment was filed, leading to the arrest of two salesmen.

However, the plaintiff argued that the police wrongly included allegations of harassment in FIR, which ultimately led to the dismissal of the case.

The incident has raised concerns about the misuse of power and influence, as well as the importance of conducting thorough investigations to ensure justice.

Law enforcement authorities are now expected to review the CCTV footage and re-evaluate the case to determine the appropriate course of action.

The footage from the incident quickly went viral, sparking angry reactions from netizens.